May 13, 2018     2 min read

AWS IoT - The Hobbyists Guide to Home Automation

AWS IoT - The Hobbyists Guide to Home Automation

AWS IoT Core is rapidly looking to become the industry leader in Management & Orchestration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices for both the home, small business and enterprise marketplaces.

When you think about the tight integration it has with all other offerings through AWS Its hard not to see the immense benefits of managing an Infinite number of devices in the cloud.

In this course you’ll learn all the offerings that AWS IoT Core and much more!

  • Raspberry Pi - You'll learn to take your Raspberry Pi and turn it into an IoT hub, bridging the AWS IoT Cloud services with your home network.
  • ESP32 Micro-controller - If you have access to an ESP32, you’ll learn how to connect it up to AWS IoT Core
  • PlatformIO - Develop for any embedded system using one code base! Make use of PlatformIO’s Unified development environment to write once, deploy to thousands
  • AWS Lambda - Learn to connect Cloud Functions to your AWS IoT sensor flows, and perform analytics at the Edge
  • Node-RED - Make use of Node-RED’s incredible Flow control system and develop complex data paths using easy to understand; drag and drop techniques.
  • Slack Bot - You’ll create a Slack bot that will send you alerts in realtime about changes to the data coming from your sensors.
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