January 01, 2019     2 min read

Alexa Skills Kit - Practical Chatbot Development

Alexa Skills Kit - Practical Chatbot Development

AWS Alexa, Google Home and other voice assistant devices are becoming more and more common in our interconnected world. The tech landscape rewards developers who are on the leading edge of new trends, and Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) is one of the most supported and recognised methods of developing consumer and commercial chatbots.

This course is written with the very latest and best development standards in mind. You'll learn a number of key things that will help you succeed in this fast moving field of technology.

  • Alexa Skill Creation (UI) - We'll develop an understanding of how Alexa Skills can be created and managed via the web interface
  • Ask Skills Kit (CLI) - Once we have a firm understanding, we'll write our Skills entirely as code and deploy them using ONE command!
  • DynamoDB - Data will be stored and retrieved from an instance of DynamoDB that we'll create and manage from code as well.
  • DynamoDB Persistence - Using the DynamoDB persistence adaptor in Alexa Skill Kit we'll save and retrieve user attributes to manage state between the Alexa skill life-cycle

All this plus most importantly you will develop best practices and have a number of perfect example applications by the end of the course that you can use as a reference for future projects.

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