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LinkedIn Professional - Project Overview

LinkedIn Professional - Project Overview

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If you work in technology then you probably know how tough it can be to stay caught up with all the latest trends in languages, frameworks and techniques.

In this post we will go through the process of creating a small function that posts artifically generated status messages on LinkedIn. These messages will be generated by taking trends from the ThoughtWorks technology radar and running sentences into DeepAI's text generator.

Below is the complete architecture used in this project:

LinkedIn Professional Architecture
LinkedIn Professional Architecture

Take a look at the real results!

Example of a public post using generated tech jargon
Example of a public post using generated tech jargon

The flow

The flow that is followed in order to complete a post to linkedin is the following:

  • List of Hot new trends in tech are pulled down from https://www.thoughtworks.com/radar/
  • Sentence is generated at random using the following structure:

    I think that SKILL_1 are adjective and SKILL_2 should strive to be more adjective because

  • Sentence is sent to DeepAI's text generator
  • AI Generated text is posted to LinkedIn
Another example of a public post using generated tech jargon
Another example of a public post using generated tech jargon

Deploy it yourself!

I have a set of tutorials for deploying the solution into your very own account. The code is available at the following repository: t04glovern/linkedin-professional

Check out the following posts for each individual part:

  • LinkedIn Professional - Generating Tech Jargon with DeepAI Text Generator
  • LinkedIn Professional - Using LinkedIn's API
  • LinkedIn Professional - Deploying a Serverless project


If you have any questions want to show off some of the jargon phrases; please hit me up on Twitter @nathangloverAUS or tag me in a post on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/glovernathan/


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