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Purchases & Refunds

Payments are handled by our 3rd party providers (Paypal). If a payment does not go through it is best to contact or confirm transaction detail information from the Paypal site. Details around failure transactions are often emailed out to you when you make a payment via these providers.
For information regarding refunds, please reach out to us at
When making a purchase either from the Shop or Course checkout, a coupon box is provided before finalising a sale. Coupons cannot be applied after a sale has been made.

Making Courses

If a change needs to be made to your Profile, it can be done from the page.
Emails can be managed and unsubscribed from via the link in the Footer of all communication emails that come from our team. If you cannot find the link, please reach out to us at
Your password can be managed from your profile page, which can be accessed once you've signed in via page.
Missing mobile purchase
If you purchased a course on iOS or Android, it's possible that the course was not registered to your account. Please email your purchase receipt to

Multiple e-mail accounts
If you use multiple e-mail accounts, or have a Facebook or Google account, try logging in with the associate e-mail addresses.

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