1   name: devopstar
2   provider: aws
3   functions:
4       site:
5           handler: index.landing
6           runtime: nodejs14.x
7           events:
8               - http:
9                   path: /
10                  method: get

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Nathan Glover

Hi, I'm Nathan Glover, I have a curious mind and enjoy exploring any and all fields of technology. Given a problem I am driven to design the best solution for any given situation with a healthy mix of old and cutting edge.

Moving forward I am eager to develop more of a background in the DevOps space by working along side other developers and supporting them by providing scalable and reliable infrastructure for them to deploy solutions to in an automated and repeatable manner.

“I write blogs to learn.If I can blog about a topic, I probably understand it.“

- Nathan Glover

“I'm not being dramatic... AWS CDK changed my life.“

- Nathan Glover

“I write YAML that tells computers to make more computers.”

- Nathan Glover

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DevOpStar by Nathan Glover | 2021